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Following are common questions about Love of Labs Foster to Adopt program.

The Foster to Adopt (FTA) program offered by LOLIN is a great way to determine if a dog is a good fit for your family before you make the leap to officially making them a furry family member.

The FTA program is designed to help make the transition easier for you and the animal by giving the dog time to relax in your home and begin to show you their true personality, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

Additionally, we know that sometimes there are a lot of people interested in meeting one of our adoptable Labs – and you may have already experienced a missed adoption opportunity. Our FTA program will essentially give you a “behind the scenes” pass to meet and experience a Lab in your own home while you decide if he or she is a good fit for your household.

The FTA process means that you will take in an animal straight from transport or a shelter. These dogs will need to go through a decompression period  to adjust to home life with your family (including any dogs or cats), as well as completing any needed vet visits. Adopting a Lab from one of our public adoption listings will mean that they will have a shorter decompression period than those animals coming from a less stable situation.

Fostering to adopt means that while you have first dibs on adopting your foster animal, you will need to give your foster a little extra TLC and time to adjust than a traditional adoption.

Any dog coming into LOLIN can be a foster to adopt dog. Our dogs are pulled in from shelters in Indiana and neighboring states. Often we don’t have a lot of background information on these dogs from the shelters; unfortunately the shelter staff are often stretched thin with the number of animals in the facility so there is not much time spent with any one dog. We do share as much information as the shelter can provide, and every dog is temperament tested as part of our intake process.

Yes. If you decide that you would like to switch to FTA please inform your foster coordinator as soon as possible and they will note this.

Once an animal is in a LOLIN foster home and listed as adoptable on our website, their next home will (hopefully) be their forever home! We do not transfer dogs between foster homes (or foster-to-adopt homes) unless it is an emergency.

That is completely up to you. We understand that setting up a routine for a newly adopted pet takes some time. If you would still like to foster after your new dog has adjusted please let us know and we will keep your information active for future foster placements!

Great! Please email us at to begin your FTA process. We will update any needed info and review the steps with you. 

Foster to Adopt Step-by-Step:


Are you already a LOLIN approved adopter or foster with LOLIN?

Email to begin your FTA journey.

New to LOLIN?

Please fill out the foster application here to begin.


Once your application is approved

our foster coordinator team will reach out to you to discuss FTA. This will include walking you through our FTA process and letting us know what type of dog you’re looking for. (Age, color, gender, energy level, kid or cat friendly, etc.)


We'll reach out with dogs coming in

that meet your criteria. If you are willing to foster one, you will let us know. You will welcome your dog into your home straight off of a transport or out of the shelter.


We will set up any needed vet visits

with you and one of our partner vets. We cover the cost for any necessary vetting.


You'll let him or her decompress

for the first few days, and start to work on any training the dog may need (house training, crate training, leash walking, etc). We are happy to help with lots of training tips.


Evaluate after 15-20 days

After the dog is up-to-date on vetting and you’ve gotten to know each other for 15 to 20 days, you will be asked to decide if this dog will be adopted by your family, or listed for public adoption.


If you decide to list the dog for adoption

we will ask you to provide some info and photos for a bio. We still ask that you continue to foster until they are ultimately adopted. We’ll go over the process to meet potential adopters and find him or her a great new home. Please remember we are a volunteer-based rescue and as an approved foster you have committed to fostering until they find their forever home.

Have questions or interested in getting started with FTA? Email us at We’re excited to help.

Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate what you are doing to help make a wonderful life for a dog in need!

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Give Now

Please select your item from the drop-down list. If you are adopting, please also add the name of your new family member.

Name of dog you're adopting

Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate what you are doing to help make a wonderful life for a dog in need!


Please pay the adoption amount stated in the email you received when you set up the meet and greet with the dog you are adopting. Payment must be made before taking the dog home.
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To offset the costs involved in rehoming your Lab, we require a $25 Surrender Donation prior to processing your Surrender Application.

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The requested $20 Application Donation helps get dogs from shelters and provide their essential medical needs as they prepare for adoption.
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LOLIN is a 501(c)3 public charity, so all of your donations are tax deductible. Any amount you can spare helps offset our vet expenses. You are helping to make a wonderful life for an animal in need.

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