Dog Surrender Requirements

1. You will be asked to keep your Lab until we find it a good home.

We do not ask our fosters to keep your dog until we find it a good home, you are responsible for that. We will not put your dog in our foster homes. Fosters are only for dogs that are in shelters and are facing euthanasia. You will, therefore, be asked to keep your own dog while we find it a home. Taking our dog into one of our foster homes will leave a shelter dog to be euthanized.

2. You will be asked to help transport your Lab.

When it comes time to transport your Lab to an adoptive home, you will be asked to help with that transport. This may be a drive of a few miles or more than an hour, there's no way to know. If a drive of more than 1.5 hours is required, we make every effort to have the parties involved meet halfway.

3. Your Lab must be fully vetted.

All Labs who enter our program must be fully vetted. You will be required to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations as well as altering. Your dog will also have to be heartworm negative and on current prevention. If your Lab is not current on his/her vaccinations and/or is not yet altered, we can provide you with the names and numbers of low cost clinics where you can do so at your expense.

4. We cannot take in Labs that have shown any aggression.

As part of the owner surrender process, you will be required to attest that your Lab has not shown aggression. If you state that you have no knowledge of aggression and we later find otherwise, we will consider this fraudulent and reserve the right to pursue legal recourse. In addition, we do not have the resources to rehabilitate aggressive dogs; unfortunately, aggressive dogs in our program must be humanely euthanized for the safety of everyone. Please do not put our adopters and their families at risk by not being honest about your dog’s behavior.

5. You will be required to provide current pictures and a description of your Lab.

In order to attract adoptive families, we will require current photographs of your Lab. These need to be provided in an electronic format suitable for online usage. Please know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and poor pictures will only slow our ability to help find your Lab a new home. You may be asked to update these pictures if your dog is slow to generate interest. We also ask that you provide our adoption coordinator with detailed information about your dog and his or her behavior. We’ll use this information to post on our website and also to create matches with prospective adoptive families.

6. You will be required to submit a $25 Surrender Donation.

In order to help offset the costs involved in rehoming your Lab, we require a $25 Surrender Donation prior to processing your Surrender Application. Once you submit your application electronically, you will be presented with the option of either sending the donation via PayPal or via a check to our mailing address. If you choose to mail your application using our PDF link, please be sure to enclose a check with the application. Once we have received your Surrender Donation, we will begin to process your application as expediently as possible. IF you are rehoming your dog due to financial reasons, we may be able to work something out with you, so state that is the reason and we'll go from there.

Please note that this donation is only refundable should we chose to decline to accept your Lab into our program. If we accept your Lab into our program, the donation immediately becomes non-refundable.

Contact Information

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Phone: 317-602-1470
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Mission Statement

Love of Labs' (LOLIN, INC) mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate of Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes throughout animal shelters/animal controls in the Midwest (ESPECIALLY INDIANA). LOLIN will accomplish this goal by spaying and neutering dogs we rescue from shelters and educating the public regarding adoption, heartworm prevention, sterilization for all pets, and responsible ownership. LOLIN, INC. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, IRS deemed Public Charity, and your donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by the IRS. Love of Labs obtains operational funds through adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers ONLY.