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Adolescent, untrained dogs are prime candidates for foster homes. They are often overlooked at the shelter because they seem too big, unruly, or untrained. They are past the adorable puppy stage, but still have plenty of puppy energy that needs an outlet. With love, exercise, and a little basic training, these dogs that might otherwise be euthanized for lack of space will now find permanent, loving homes.

Aside from regular day-to-day care (feeding, grooming, exercise), the responsibilities of a foster home may include basic training (housetraining, walking on leash, sit, down); behavior modification (to correct problems such as jumping, mouthing, barking, destructive chewing, dashing through doors); socialization and temperament evaluation (to determine whether the dog is good with different types of people and other animals); medical care (dispensing medication, taking the dog to vet appointments), and of course plenty of playtime and snuggling.

Fostering a dog may seem like a formidable task, but it's a very tangible way to make a difference. Everyone benefits: The foster volunteer gets to spend time with a special dog. The foster dog gets a second chance at becoming a cherished pet. The new owners get a dog that is better adapted to home life, and therefore has a better chance of remaining in the new home permanently.

Our foster homes are approved using the same process as our adoptive homes. We ask you to provide vet and personal references so that we can confirm that your pets are up to date with their vaccinations and spayed or neutered. This is critical for fostering for LOLIN for a few reasons. First, it is our mission to education the public as to the importance of spaying and neutering and maintaining routine veterinary care (including heartworm prevention) for your pets. All too often the family pet is surrendered to the shelter because they contracted heartworm and the family does not want to pay for the expensive treatment. Second, foster dogs coming directly to your home from the shelter are usually stressed and have only recently had their vaccinations. In order to prevent the dogs in our foster homes from making our shelter dogs ill, or the other way around, we require all dogs in a foster home to be up to date with rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines. Having your dogs spayed or neutered is also required, as many of the dogs who come from the shelter are not altered when they first arrive at your home. LOLIN pays for them to be spayed or neutered as soon a vet appointment can be scheduled.

We'll also conduct a home visit to see where your foster dog will be living and to give you a chance to ask questions and get advice from an experienced volunteer. All of our home visit volunteers have adopted or fostered LOLIN dogs and can let you know what to expect.

Once you are approved (this usually takes a week to two weeks depending on your availability to schedule a home visit), you will work with one of LOLIN’s two foster coordinators to rescue your first foster dog. The coordinators will take into account your personal situation and work to match appropriate dogs on our waiting list to your circumstances. Our coordinators are both experienced fosters who are always available to answer questions, make suggestions, and provide assistance. Rescue is a group effort, and your contributions are supported by a team of volunteers and coordinators who are here to make your job easier.

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Mission Statement

Love of Labs' (LOLIN, INC) mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate of Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes throughout animal shelters/animal controls in the Midwest (ESPECIALLY INDIANA). LOLIN will accomplish this goal by spaying and neutering dogs we rescue from shelters and educating the public regarding adoption, heartworm prevention, sterilization for all pets, and responsible ownership. LOLIN, INC. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, IRS deemed Public Charity, and your donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by the IRS. Love of Labs obtains operational funds through adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers ONLY.