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This questionnaire is for your benefit as well as ours. The information you provide will enable us to better determine if a rescued Lab is right for you and which of our dogs will fit best into your lifestyle. Please be honest in your response, as we will be honest in ours. If we do not feel you can provide a proper home for a rescued Lab, we will tell you why.

The Lab you want may not have the personality you need, and if that is the case, we will tell you why we feel a different dog would suit you better. Allow us to do our job and help determine which Lab is right for you. Our adoption coordinator works with our foster families to get to know the available dogs and to help make good matches with adoptive families. Remember, adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment. If you doubt that you can make such a commitment, please stop here. Do not put one of our Labrador Retrievers through the trauma of rejection from another home. Help us to match you with the dog most suited to your needs.

Our adoption fee, which is in addition to the application fee, helps to cover the cost of pulling the dogs from the shelters, updating their vaccines, spaying/neutering, heartworm testing, and providing any other medical needs to prepare them for adoption.

Please remember we are an all volunteer organization that does this work just for the Love of the Labs. We all have our own personal lives, jobs, and families; so while we try to do the best we can, this process can take time. Please be patient. If you do not receive a welcome email within 72 hours from the time you send in your application, contact us at

We sincerely appreciate your interest in rescuing a needy Labrador!

Applicant/Co-Applicant Information
Applicant's Name
What is your occupation? Place of employment?
Co-Applicant's Name Relationship to Applicant
Co-Applicant occupation? Co-Applicant place of employment?
Your Email Address Co-Applicant Email Address
Please indicate your preferred method of contact:
 Home Phone  Cell Phone  Work Phone  Email  US Mail 
Home Phone Work Phone Applicant Cell Phone Co-Applicant Cell Phone
Have you and/or the co-applicant owned a Labrador Retriever or Labrador Retriever Mix before?
Home Details
Physical Address
City   State   ZIP Code 
Mailing Address (if different)
City   State   ZIP Code 
How long have you lived at this address?   Years  Months
Do you own, rent, or rent to own your home?
If you rent, please provide:
Landlord's Name
Landlord's Phone
Landlord's Email
What type of home is this?
If other, please specify:
Does your home have a completely enclosed fenced yard?
If yes or somewhat, type and height of fence:
 Chainlink, height?
 Wooden, height?
 Wrought Iron, height?
 Other, please describe: 
Does your home have a pool, hot tub, pond, lake, or any other body of water?
If yes, will the adopted dog have access to it?
Is it completely enclosed by a fence?
What type and height?
Does your home have an outdoor kennel, dog house, or dog door?
If yes, please describe what size, where it is located, and when you plan on using it:
How many members of the family live in your home full-time or part-time (including you and the co-applicant)?
How many children? Names and ages?
Are there any regular visitors to your home (human or animal) with whom your adopted dog must get along with (ie. Extended family members or pets, cleaning service, lawn care, or child care personnel, etc.)?
If yes, please describe:
Current and Previous Pets
Do you have any other pets? Please list ALL pets and include the following: name, species, breed, age, how long you've owned, date last seen by vet and why, and whether the pet is spayed or neutered
Are ALL of these pets up to date on shots/ vaccines and preventatives (ie. heartworm preventative and flea and tick)?
If no, please describe why?
If you don't adhere to the Guidelines from the American Heartworm Society on Test and Prevention then please do not apply with LOLIN. As part of of our process, proof of Heartworm tests and prevention for all dogs owned in the last 5 years will need to be submitted asap.  Failure to do so will cause denial of your application.
Have your current dogs (and/or dogs owned in the last 5 years) been on heartworm preventative monthly?
Have your current dogs (and/or dogs owned in the last 5 years) been tested annually for heartworms?
How many pets have you owned in the last 5 years?
Please list your previous pets and include the following: name, species, breed, age, how long you owned, whether it was spayed or neutered, and what happened to the pet
Contact information for the licensed veterinarians you use and have used in the past 5 years:
please indicate name of doctor and clinic, phone number, email address, if this is your current vet, and the names of pets this vet saw
Please call your vet(s) and/or your prior vet(s) to give them permission to speak with us about you and your pet(s). Also ask them to fax the proof of vaccinations and heartworm preventative to 801-640-7688.
Have you or the co-applicant ever given away a pet?
If yes, please describe why.
Under what conditions do you feel it is appropriate to give up a pet?
Adoption Preferences
Why do you want to adopt a Labrador Retriever or Labrador Retriever mix over another breed?
What are your plans for your adopted dog?
 Pet  Companion for other pet  Guard Dog/Protection  Therapy Dog  4H Project Dog 
 Agility/Advanced Obedience  Hunting  Search & Rescue  Dock Diving 
 Other, please describe: 
What daily exercise will your adopted dog receive?
Describe what activities you will participate in that include your adopted dog:
Are there specific rescue Labs on our website you are interested in?
If yes, what are the dogs' names?
What are your dog preferences? (You may select multiple check boxes.)
Color (Is this flexible? ) Black  Chocolate  Yellow 
Gender (Is this flexible? ) Female  Male 
Age (Is this flexible? )
 Puppy (under 1 yr)  Young (1-3 yrs)  Adult (3-9 yrs)  Senior (10+ yrs) 
Energy Level (Is this flexible? ) High  Medium  Low 
Training and Daily Routine for Adopted Dog
Where will this new dog be when you're not at home?
 Loose Indoors 
 Loose Outdoors 
 Crate Indoors, what room?  
 Fenced Yard 
 Outdoor Kennel 
 Tied Outside 
 Other, please describe: 
How many hours per day on average will the dog be left alone?
Where will the adopted dog sleep?
How often do you travel and what will you do with your adopted dog during this travel?
What would you do if behavioral issues arise?
How will you discipline your adopted dog?
Are you and/or the co-applicant prepared to take your adopted dog to training?
If yes, what training facilities do you and/ or the co-applicant plan to work with and why?
If no, Please describe why not:
General Application Information
Are you financially prepared to provide for routine and non-routine expenses associated with adopting a dog?
Do you agree to allow a Love of Labs, IN Volunteer come to your residence to do a home visit?
If no, why not?
Are you prepared to keep this adopted dog for the next 10- 15 years?
Do you agree to contact Love of Labs, IN (LOLIN) if for any reason you can no longer care for the dog?
Have you and/or the co-applicant applied to adopt a pet through a shelter or another rescue organization in the past 5 years?
If yes, please list all shelters or rescue organizations, their phone numbers, and your status of approval or denial:
If no, why not?
Please list your personal references and telephone number. (NO family members please):

Please make sure to let these individuals know we will be contacting them.
Would you like to be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator about opportunities to help rescued Labrador and Labrador Retriever Mixes if you are approved to adopt?
How did you learn about Love of Labs, IN?
 An Event  Petfinder  Search Engine Inquiry  Facebook  Recommendation, who? 
 Other, please describe: 
All the information I have given above is true and complete. Any dog I and/or the co-applicant may adopt after being approved, will reside in my home and under my care for the remainder of the dogs life. I will provide him or her with all of the basic needs (food, water, shelter, medical care—yearly, preventative, and emergency), training, and love.

I understand Love of Labs, IN (LOLIN) or authorized agents are not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, and physical conditions of the dogs available for adoption. I understand it is my responsibility to see and evaluate the dog for myself before agreeing to adopt him or her from Love of Labs, IN (LOLIN), and any person associated with its adoption efforts, is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into my household. I also understand I will be required to sign an adoption contract to place a dog in my home. I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. By electronically initialing, I acknowledge I have read and understand this paragraph. Furthermore, I understand Love of Labs, IN (LOLIN) is a non-profit public charity and does NOT give refunds.
We reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.
Applicant's Signature & Date

Contact Information

Lolin, Inc.
8063 Madison Avenue, #235
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 317-602-1470
Fax: 801-640-7688

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Mission Statement

Love of Labs' (LOLIN, INC) mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate of Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes throughout animal shelters/animal controls in the Midwest (ESPECIALLY INDIANA). LOLIN will accomplish this goal by spaying and neutering dogs we rescue from shelters and educating the public regarding adoption, heartworm prevention, sterilization for all pets, and responsible ownership. LOLIN, INC. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, IRS deemed Public Charity, and your donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by the IRS. Love of Labs obtains operational funds through adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers ONLY.